The world talks about PEPS !

The Calcacist, the Israelian financial daily mentions our collaboration with the French Economics Association and our experience at the OECD during the INET annual conference in April 2015.

The Financial Times in two different articles mentions our survey and our impressions about the CORE-economy textbook.

Adbusters in its ‘Rebel Economist’s Notebook‘ has mentioned our evidence-based assessment of French undergraduate curriculum, our alternative undergraduate curriculum and our strategy to counter attacks caricaturing PEPS as « anti-maths ».

Social Justice in a article about the Rethinking Economics London 2014 Conference mentioned our survey :

AdBusters has relayed our Manifesto in English.

DocTV has translated our Manifesto into Greek !

Econosphères, a Belgian website, has also relayed our Manifesto.

The New Economics Institute asks if the Economics departments can be reformed and learns lessons from Québec and France.

Rethinking Economics  speaks about the global revolt in Economics and mentions what has been done in France since the 2000s.

Let us know if you are aware of any other international publicity for PEPS !


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